About Us

We are Kerry and Roger originally from Chichester West Sussex and after what seems like an eternity and endless viewings, we have at last bought a lovely stone house with 3 acres in a hamlet near Melle in Deux Sevres.

We hope to have sheep and chickens, plus we have been saving our jam jars ready for our bumper crops of fruit and veg.

We started this blog to share our experiences, good, bad and frustrating, recipes, rides, walks and photos with anyone who wants to take a peek.

Why "Plus Tranquille" I hear you ask. Well, every-time we viewed a house, the estate agents would ask what was important for us. Space and peace and quiet were the top of our list. Ah, you would like plus calme and plus tranquille they would say back. So hence the name for our blog. Plus Calme was our first choice but someone had already pinched it !!!

And don't forget to think French when you say PlusTranquille - Plus is pronounced Plew and the q is pronounced as a k :)

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