Thursday, 27 July 2017

Greedy Bike Ride

Rallye 1

It can’t possibly take all day to do an 18k bike, can it?? Yes it can, if you eat all the way round and that’s exactly what we did. The 3rd Rallye Promenade was an opportunity to either walk or cycle around the countryside near Prailles, eat, drink, do some taste testing, eat, drink, buy some regional produce, eat and drink a bit more. In teams of 6, we were given a map to follow along with some quizzes. Rallye 2 Our first stop after 8k was in the beautiful Foret de l’Hermitan. Annie, one of our hosts, provided us with honey and almond cakes, tea and coffee for refreshments plus there was French bread with a delicious jam which we had to guess the ingredients of. Managed to recognise raspberries and sugar but that was about it.

A short 5k bike ride later brought us to La Couarde, where tables had already been laid out for lunch.  On offer were aperos, wine, locally made produce, crusty bread and delicious desserts followed by more wine, coffee and a very difficult quiz that even the French were struggling with. It must have been at least an hour and a half later (the French know how to enjoy a lunch), before we set off for our final 5k ride, bringing us back to our starting point – Prailles, to be greeted with more food!! Little canap├ęs with various toppings which turned out to be another quiz. Guess the topping and whether it was sweet, savoury etc. Our team got 3 out of 4 right. How come we managed to guess seaweed and sesame, but not the simplest one, apple and vanilla! All the teams received a goodie bag which we shared between us including the obligatory courgette :) Annie and Veronique had organised a fantastic day, we loved every minute of it, so much so, we’re going to look out for similar events to take part in. Plus join in again next year. 

Rallye 3

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