Thursday, 20 April 2017

Freezing Carrots

The last time I froze carrots they went black, which put me off freezing them again for years. But as we’d dug out a load from the garden I needed to do something with them. After a bit of persuasion from my Mum and not wanting them to go to waste I gave it another go, but blanched them first this time. After peeling and dicing and with a bit of trepidation, into the freezer they went. But I’m pleased to report, that a handful was added to a beef casserole and the carrots stayed orange – yippee. As we have some more monsters to dig out I will be freezing them again.

Carrots 1
Carrots 2
Carrots 3


  1. So pleased it all worked out, I have also done bags for veg soup of leeks, carrots, swede and onions. Just throw them in a pot with some herbs and potatoes. Lovely. Xx

  2. Wow I finished all our carrots a couple of months back and the new ones are coming up.xx


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