Sunday, 5 March 2017

Cookies for the Boys


If you have workmen here you need to keep them sweet, so I knocked up a quick batch of honey and raisin cookies along with some choc chip ones topped with a walnut and no surprise, they didn’t last long. But why were the workmen here - to point our bedrooms. We’ve had the walls ready to point since last year, but as it’s a rainy day job for them and we haven’t had much rain, it wasn’t done until Saturday. Well worth the wait even though the house now smells like wet dogs. We now need to wait patiently for the walls to dry before we can sleep in our room again. Will post some pics again when they’ve dried off a bit.

Pointing 1

Bedroom 1 before.

Pointing 2

The lime and sand mix going on.

Pointing 3

George and Josh working on bedroom 2.

Pointing 4

Bedroom 1 finished but very wet.

Pointing 5

Another view of bedroom 1.

Pointing 6

Bedroom 3.


  1. WOW! What a difference! It looks great and will soon dry out.

    1. We've had the windows open to get the air to circulate and its drying nicely.

  2. Well done love the new look. The biscuit look yummy. Diane xx

    1. We are so pleased with it. Once its dried we need to sort out the flooring.

  3. We always supplied cake with the frequent cups of tea we used to give our builders, so I was forever baking! Nice walls...

    1. Yes, I made lots of tea and coffee to :)

  4. Looking good, walls and biscuits xx


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