Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Around the streets of Melle

What to do on a grey, grizzly Sunday afternoon – explore the streets of Melle, something we haven't done since moving here. Apart from visiting the tax office, the supermarket, the post office and a few other unexciting but necessary places, we just don’t know our home town at all. I have to confess I haven’t been in love with Melle, the factory on the outskirts isn’t the prettiest place to greet you on your way in, so surely there must be more to Melle than that. So with the aid of this map, we took a leisurely stroll around the old streets and what a lovely surprise, beautiful buildings, loads of history and hidden places that we’ve never seen before.

Melle Map

Not the best photos as it was a dull day, so we plan to do the same walk again in the sunshine, but in reverse next time.

Melle 1

Music bandstand.

Melle 2

Les Halles – built around 1905 in iron, stone and brick and houses the weekly Friday market.

Melle 3

The last remaining porte (door) that was once part of the fortified city of Melle.

Melle 4

We discovered this lovely little park called Square du Jeu des Rois (The Square of the game of Kings) featuring this lovely little shell shaped fountain under beautiful blossom.

Melle 5

And there's a nice place to sit.

Melle 6

Maisons à pans de Bois dating from the 15th century with the wooden facades being rebuilt in 1802.

Melle 9

One of the 3 very large churches in Melle – Saint Pierre.

Melle 11

Love these Art Nouveau doors and windows at this house built in 1840. The central door is beautiful but on the day we visited a shutter was across. Hope to get a photo another day.


  1. I like walking round the back streets of our local villages and towns, so much non-commercial prettiness

    1. Totally agree, there is so much see once you get away from the main roads.

  2. Replies
    1. It was, but I'm sure it would be prettier with the sun out :)

  3. Lovely walk and yes full of surprises. We find most French villages and towns if you have the time are seeped in history and interesting places. We spend so much time just driving past and not getting a chance to look. Last Christmas we spent some time in Le Mans and Rouen when we drove to the the UK. So much history in both places. Have a great day D & N xx

    1. We have so many more places to discover close to where we live, it's just deciding which ones to visit first.

  4. Lovely pictures, its amazing what is right on your doorstep. xxx

    1. So true, we just need to make the time to discover these hidden gems.


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