Thursday, 16 February 2017

What’s in a Name?

Children ArtWell quite a lot according to the students at the primary school in Pouffonds, who have asked all the households in the commune to choose a name for their school. The four suggested names have been chosen by them and have links with the history and landscape of the area.

Our choices are -

1) École de la Fontaine – In Latin Pouffonds can mean a fountain well, with river sources from the Marcillé and Champbertier.

2) École des Trois Vallées – Named after the 3 valleys in the area, Coudrieres, Marcillé and Salles.

3)  École Puy Fontaine – The name Puy Fontaine was found while researching the history of Pouffonds. Pou came from the word Puy which means a place high on a hill.

4) École Camille Lemberton – A member of the resistance during WW”"2 and the builder of the school.

Our choice is No 3 but which one would you choose? I will let you know the outcome after the students have counted the votes on Friday 17th.


  1. Hello , I like the sound of number 1, but no3 is good if the school is on a hill. xx

    1. The new school is on a slope but not right at the top x


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