Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Just Typical!


The night before, you plan everything that needs to be done on Monday morning - the electric bill that needs to be paid which arrived when you were on holiday and the due date is the day you arrived back, photos needed to be taken for our health cards and only a photo booth will do plus we needed stamps so we can post them back, the fridge is a bit bare, it’s piddling with rain and the car won’t flippin start!! It managed to be outside in -16 in the Alps and started everyday without a problem, so why when we needed to be somewhere and its +11 the battery decided not to start!! After a couple of hours of trying to charge the battery to no avail (but in that time I managed to get the ironing done), Roger took himself off on his moto to SuperU to buy a new one paying the late bill on the way. Thank goodness for backup transport.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Morillon - Grand Massif

The snow seems to be arriving later and later in the Alps and Pyrenees, so much so that our holiday is getting later each year too, but with a big dump over the weekend of the 15th Jan, we grabbed a late booking, a lovely apartment just a few hundred meters from the ski lift. We loved that the sun shone everyday, but this takes a toll on the pistes and even with all the snow they’d had over that weekend more is needed, especially with the French half term weeks looming. Stones and grass were starting to come through in places which isn’t good for the bottom of your skis, but you just need to keep your wits about you and steer round the obstacles. We are always amazed by the stunning scenery so here’s a few more pics of the beautiful mountains and some of us.

Morillon 1
Morillon 2
Morillon 4
Morillon 3
Morillon 5
Morillon 7
Morillon 8
Morillon 10
Morillon 9
Morillon 11

Monday, 9 January 2017

What a Prize

I just couldn’t believe it, the very last prize called at the Cheval Blanc Christmas raffle was mine, but what had I won? A very large ham weighing just under 4 kilos that would feed our hamlet, never mind the two of us, but with the boys coming for Christmas we knew that a fair bit of it would be devoured.


Well, we’ve managed to eat some with salads, added it to pasta bakes, cauliflower cheese and I’ve frozen 3 big chunks but there’s still this much left. Guess what we’re eating in January with everything :)


Thursday, 5 January 2017

What we spent in November and December


A slightly belated Happy New Year to you all. I thought I’d update you on how our spending went for our 2016 challenge. Well, we went over our planned budget but we managed to save 470€ on what we normally spend, so happy with that, but I know I can do better. We still have freezers packed with fresh fruit, veg, meat and lots of bits and bobs like pesto, breadcrumbs, pastry, cream cheese etc., more than enough to make plenty of meals in the coming months.

Coupons are a bit thin on the ground here in France, unless anyone can tell me otherwise, but when we bought our Christmas tree we were given a 10€ voucher to spend on anything. Surely there must be a minimum spend, surely I needed a loyalty card, but I couldn’t see anything on the voucher, apart from you had to use it in the store where you bought the tree and you couldn't buy more than 3 of something. Sounded straightforward but Roger was still convinced there was a catch, but I wasn’t going to let that voucher expire. So on our next shopping trip, I loaded my basket with basics, flour, sugar, eggs, tinned tomatoes, milk and a treat for Roger and would you believe it, everything came to exactly 10€. With fingers crossed I handed over the voucher, the lovely lady said thank you and I walked out very happy with my purchases. I need some more 10€ vouchers :)

Another way to save some pennies is swap what you have too much of. Friends from our French class grew the chillies above using the seeds they saved from chillies bought at Tesco, but they had so many they brought them in to share around. Mine were chopped and frozen ready to use when needed.