Saturday, 31 December 2016

Burning off some Calories

After the indulgence of Christmas dinner and too many chocs we took ourselves off to La Verticale in Niort, the biggest indoor climbing wall in France, 42m long and 16m high. The boys climb often but it’s something we’d never done. I admit it, I was feeling a teeny bit nervous and Roger wasn’t that keen on how high the wall was, but we were determined to give it a go. For me the boulders were really hard, I much preferred climbing with the ropes even though I didn’t get that far up, it’s the wrists and arms that give out first. After some hesitation Roger went up to, but like monkeys the boys made it look easy, straight to the top in no time at all. A fun way to spend a few hours.

Climbing 1

The wall.

Climbing 2

Josh on the boulders.

Climbing 8

Darrel doing the same.

Climbing 3

Taking a break.

Climbing 4

Darrel near the top.

Climbing 5

Josh a long way up.

Climbing 6

Roger on his way up.

Climbing 7

And me, I got between 1/4 and a 1/3 of the way up.


  1. Bloody well done! You wouldn't get me near those...
    but my best friend and I were up trees to swaying branches when we were kids...
    and he still climbs... and sets climbs on these walls!!
    He has just fitted a solar array on his garage to power the lighting and low-voltage equipment... and instead of a ladder against the wall, he's installed these hand and footholds...absolute nutter, but a truly fun person!!
    Meilleurs vœux pour 2017 á vous...
    Happy New Year...
    Wishing you good health....
    whatever you believe to be wealth....
    and oooooodles of happiness and good fortune!!

    1. Happy New Year to you. It was fun and to be honest I didn't notice the height as you're so focussed on where your putting your feet. I might have felt different if I'd got a bit higher though :)

  2. I would have like to have tried that 40 years ago but not today. My back I am sure would object violently long before any other part f me complained!! Well done. Diane xx

    1. Thankfully the back was fine, just wish I had more strength in my arms.


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