Saturday, 24 December 2016

Boudin Blanc

I was given the opportunity to help make the traditional white pork sausage Boudin Blanc with my neighbour Solange. Originally from the Champagne Ardenne region, Boudin Blanc is made with pork, eggs, milk, salt and pepper and is now a protected recipe but Solange had 2 recipes we were going to make, one with a slightly longer list of ingredients. The first recipe has pork, onions (lightly cooked), eggs, breadcrumbs, white wine, brandy,parsley, spice, salt and pepper and the 2nd was closer to the original but with added cooked shallots. For both recipes the pork is cooked in water for 1 1/2 hours, then cut into chunks and put through a mincer. Add the rest of the ingredients to the mince, then using a funnel or a machine if you have one put the mixture into sausage casings, tying each sausage off with string pushing out any air. Slowly simmer the sausages to a temperature of 75 degrees for 30 minutes in the cooking stock, remove and leave to cool. Having tried the supermarket versions which have a mousse like texture I was looking forward to trying them with a coarser texture. So a taste test was in order so one of each recipe were slowly cooked in butter. Don’t cook them to quick or they will burst as I found. The coarser texture was really nice but out of the 2 varieties we made I preferred the 2nd, they had a more delicate flavour.


Table full of ingredients.


Steaming hot pork.


Patou mincing.


Preparing the casings.


Here comes the sausage.


Tying off the sausages.


Freshly prepared Boudin Blanc.

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