Sunday, 11 September 2016

Another clever Gadget

Missing it last year we were determined not to miss it this year and that was harvesting our spuds. Having already popped up to the field to dig up 4 plants so we could have yummy egg and chips, we realised looking down the rows that we were going to end up with loads of them. Thankfully we didn’t have to dig the rest up by hand as our neighbour had this fantastic potato lifting machine we could all use, and definitely better than us having bad backs. It would have taken ages otherwise as there were 14 rows to harvest altogether, 4 of them ours. Firstly two flat plough blades scoop under the potatoes lifting the soil, rocks, plants and potatoes into a basket which is turning behind the machine. The contents are then deposited onto a metal conveyor belt which travels up to us. We then move the potatoes onto smaller conveyor belts, one either side of the main one and the potatoes then travel up into a sack. Everything that’s left continues up the centre belt and then drops down a shute back onto the ground, so clever. We’ve found it hard finding good chip and roasting potatoes but these varieties are perfect - Rosabelle, Desiree and Bintje, crunchy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside, so that’s what we chose to grow this year. We now have enough potatoes to keep us going for months along with the Charlottes that we’re still eating.

Plus there’s always time to play on toys as well :)

Potato 1

The clever gadget.

Potato 2

View into the basket.

Potato 3

The furrow left behind.

Potato 4

Sylvain sorting out blocked a stone.

Potato 5

Here they come.

Potato 6

Picking out the spuds.

Potato 10

Happy smiles.

Potato 7

Sylvain's potatoes on their way to his house.

Potato 8

Our spuds.

Potato 9

Some boy fun.