Sunday, 10 July 2016

What we spent in June


The beginning of the month went fine, then we went on holiday where we spent way to much, and most of what we bought came back with us and into the freezer. Then my sister and hubby came to visit, so we did another shop before they arrived, but as we ate out a few times and ate well, most of that stayed in freezer too. But we still didn’t spend more than our original budget, but there were no pennies over to pop into my envelope. But we now have plenty to see us through July along with our garden produce. The beans, courgettes, cucumbers and lettuces are steadily being harvested along with the rhubarb and raspberries.

My sister loves asparagus and luckily we found a few spears for her to munch on. When we moved here and were clearing the fruit garden of weeds, I dug out worm looking roots. Having no idea these were asparagus roots, I threw loads away, Doh!! But why would you plant an asparagus bed under raspberry canes??

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