Monday, 30 May 2016

Exposition à Tusson


I think we’ve had typical English bank holiday weather here this weekend, thunderstorms, wind and heavy rain, even though it’s not a bank holiday here. So on a rainy Sunday we drove to Tusson in the Charente to listen to a presentation about members of the resistance. These brave men and women did so much to help the war effort, many losing their lives in combat, by being shot or in concentration camps. Many risked their lives to help British soldiers, non more so than 3 French men, Rene Rousseau, Maurice Rousseau and Lucien Gody who helped the only 2 surviving members of Operation Frankton, Major Hasler and Marine Sparks to escape. They were seen aiding the men and reported to the authorities, arrested and sent to Germany where they were never seen again. There was an exhibition alongside the presentation, with exhibits loaned by their families and local collectors. A very interesting if not sobering afternoon, but part of history that should not be forgotten.

Tusson 1
 Tusson 2

Mock up of Radio Londres, used by the resistance.

Memorial 1

Memorial to the French men who helped Major Hasler and Marine Sparks at Beaunac.


  1. As you say a sobering afternoon but certainly one not to be forgotten. So much history around us here.
    Fed up with this weather here at the moment, much I want to do and can't get on with it!!! Take care Diane xx

    1. Still discovering all the history round here, still have so much to find out about x

  2. I think you have said, all that needs to b said. Very sad, but extremally brave men. Xx


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