Thursday, 26 November 2015

Our 30th Anniversary in Biarritz

After spending a few weeks dithering on where to go or even whether to go anywhere, we decided on Biarritz. It was somewhere Roger always fancied visiting and he wanted to be beside the seaside. We stayed at the Hotel de Silhouette, perfectly located right in the centre, close to all the attractions, opposite the market and restaurants. But being November, some of the attractions were closed but we managed to visit Planete Musee du Chocolat along with a lovely walk around the town with tea and coffee stops in-between. Biarritz is definitely luxurious, you only have to look at the prices in the shop windows and the cost of staying at the Hôtel du Palais Imperial Resort & Spa to see that, but we loved that it was small enough to walk around with a lovely atmosphere. Eating out wasn’t a problem, even though some places had closed for the winter. We had 3 very different meals and all very yummy. On our second day we took ourselves off to San Sebastian and then on into the mountains. San Sebastian was enormous, much bigger than we’d thought. Because time was pressing and we were trying to squeeze in as much as possible before it got dark, we only staying for a couple of hours in San Sebastian before driving into the mountains. A lovely weekend to celebrate our special day. Roll on the next 30 years.

Biarritz 14

A quick photo between the showers.

Biarritz 1

One of Rogers favourite treats.

Biarritz 2

Some brave souls.

Biarritz 3

Mixing the old and new.

Biarritz 12

Chocolate sculpture made with 14kg of chocolate and called Desire.

Biarritz 8

View of Biarritz with the old port below.

 Biarritz 6

Left is the Hotel du Palais and on the right the casino.

Biarritz 10

Another view of the coastline.

 Biarritz 11

Rocher de la Vierge (Rock of the Virgin).

Biarritz 13

Part of the market, open every morning, every day.

San Sebastian

Panorama of San Sebastian.

San Sebastian 2

Monte Urgall

San Sebastian 3

Looking down on San Sebastian, enormous.

San Sebastian 4

Looking towards the Pyrenees.


  1. What a lovely way to celebrate your special day, it looks lovely. Especially the chocolate. Xx

    1. We had a fantastic time. The museum was so interestinga and smelt amazing. They gave us some chocolate drops on the way in and after your visit and lovely cup of hot chocolate. Perfect x

  2. Sounds like you had a good time despite the fact you look quite chilly!! Love the chocolate carvings, they are so clever. Do you get roasted chestnuts out of that machine? Keep warm Diane

    1. No chestnuts. The vendor wasn't there when we took the photo, but he was open on the way back but Roger had eaten 2 croque monsieur's by then. x

  3. Glad you had such a fab time. Looks a tad chilly! x

    1. It wasn't cold, just drizzly and windy, which is why the photos are very overcast. Still had a good time though, even though a glimmer of sunshine would have been welcome x

  4. What a great place to celebrate your 30th anniversary. Lovely sculpture not sure I could eat it, did you both treat yourself to chocolate or are you saving it for crimbo. Lovely photos xxx

    1. There were loads of really interesting things in the museum, but we were only allowed to take photos of the sculptures. They were all made out of a solid piece of chocolate and I definitely couldn't eat one, far too sickly. We bought some of a more manageable size and we are saving them for Christmas x

  5. Great photographs of a special occasion. Thirty years of memories; the weather will soon be forgotten xx

    1. We have had 30 fantastic years and loads of wonderful experiences. The weather was disappointing, but if you get married in November :) x


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