Saturday, 31 October 2015

Apple Pressing

Sadly our apples weren’t good this year. Trees that haven’t been pruned in years plus a dry summer didn’t help, but it didn’t stop us enjoying a day pressing apples with our neighbours, Solonge and Patou. We drove to L'association Doré de Gâtine in Secondigny where we meet other members of their family. The company has been in business for over 30 years and helps over 600 families a year press apples from their gardens. After popping on wellies and an apron, around 1000 kilos of apples went into production with everyone helping out. They were sorted, washed, sent through a chopper, loaded into the press and bottles were lined up for filling and capping. 500 litres of cloudy apple juice came out the other end, all sterilized with not an additive in sight. Delicious.

 Apple Pressing 1

Onto the conveyor belt, where any bad ones are discarded.

Apple Pressing 6

Having a good wash.

Apple Pressing 4

After chopping, the apples are loaded into the pressing trays.

Apple Pressing 8

Being squeezed.

 Apple Pressing 11

Bottles being washed and sterilized.

Apple Pressing 10

Being filled and capped.

Apple Pressing 5

Tidying up afterwards.

Apple Pressing 9

The waste apple is used for compost and animal feed.

Apple Pressing 7

Sparkling apple juice.


  1. Interesting day out for you and it looks like you had fun as well as being in work mode. Bet that juice is yummy. Have a great weekend Diane xx

    1. We opened a bottle of the still juice on Thursday. Absolutely delicious. I don't think our 20 bottles are going to last until next year x

  2. How scrummy, and what a lovely way to spend an autumn day. Xx

    1. It was such a great day with a lovely picnic afterwards shared by all x

  3. Now that was a good day out!

    1. Highly recommended. Definitely worth doing if you have something like this in your area x


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