Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Kitchen so Far

Here is where we got to before we went to the UK – walls painted, new sockets in, plumbing ready for the dishwasher, gas pipe moved for the cooker, ceiling and light washed, trim put back up around the ceiling, wood oven sold and wood burner bought. The floors need a good scrub, then I can move the bookcase and larder back in. We had a loose tile and on taking it up, we found a hole in the floor, which has now been filled with cement and just needs relaying and grouting. We had a bit of Christmas light syndrome, where you take them down working and by next Christmas they don’t work!! This phenomenon happened with the dishwasher, it left England working and then a year later we plumbed it in and it didn’t, it just went round and round in circles filling up and emptying. After a day and a half of problem solving, we narrowed it down to a faulty flow sensor. A new one was bought and fitted and it now works fine except for a strange clonking noise, something else to diagnose. The kitchen is on hold temporarily as the garden needs some attention after a week away, plus there’s over 30 large courgettes and buckets of tomatoes to freeze and the barn roof repairs have started.

Kitchen 1

It’s a long way up and look at the dust on that light.

  Kitchen 4

  Walls painted and ready for the wood burner.

Kitchen 3

Hole in the floor.

Kitchen 5

New sockets and cream walls.


  The courgette mountain to deal with.


  1. A big difference to when we last saw the kitchen. Well done.
    Good luck with the courgettes and tomatoes. I can see a lot of ratatouille... ;o) xx

    1. It's so much brighter. We were going to paint one wall a different colour but decided to leave them all cream. I'm making ratatouille tomorrow after our kind neighbour shows me how to use her canner x

  2. Kerry...
    I've only got one thing to say about your mountain of Pattypans...
    STUFF 'EM!!

    Sorry, deja vu...
    I just typed that for the fritters!
    Seriously, tho', stuff them using "chair" from the butcher....
    or a seasoned rice or grain mix....
    sit them in a large baking tray... holds around four...
    half a pouce of water in the bottom...
    low oven for two hours [cover with foil for this bit]....
    keep your eyes on the water level and check for "doneness" after the first hour...
    and regularly after that...
    remove from oven and whack it up to roasty-hot....
    whilst it is getting there, drain the water off....
    I usually retain it and make a soup.
    [The scoopings go in tha,t too!]
    Put the pattypans back in the dish...
    drizzle with olive oil....
    add a slice of cheese if so inclined...
    oil the "lids" and place them on top....
    back in the hot oven for 20 mins...

    These also freeze well... but to re-use, take them out of the freezer the day before and let them thaw naturally.
    Also good cold, cut into wedges and served with homemade tomato sauce...

    That's done for four of them at least!

    1. Thanks again for this recipe. Thankfully the courgette pile has gone down at bit, donations have been made to our friends and builders.

    2. WHAT? You mean yo actually have peepilz down there who want them!!?
      Wonderful... can we truck some of ours down your way.....

    3. Managed to get rid of some more today too :)

  3. Everything seems to be all set: the sockets, gas pipes, and the plumbing. There’s even a new dishwasher! It was definitely much better that you simply bought a new dishwasher, though the investigation was also worth it. You should be wary of faulty flow sensors next time, I guess. In any case, it’s great that you have accomplished all the rest of the kitchen work. Those can be tricky. Cheers!

    Sue Berry @ Advanced Appliance Service Inc.

    1. Definitely not a new dishwasher, we fixed it with a new flow sensor and its now working perfectly. Even the clonk has been fixed.

  4. What a difference with the light walls. It's going to look fantastic:) x

    1. We were going to do one wall a different colour, but we liked it nice and bright. We can always paint it later if we change our minds x

  5. I am looking forward to seeing the finished kitchen, it is looking great. Diane x


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