Saturday, 12 September 2015

It’s Finished

A week after it was started, we have a lovely, watertight barn roof. We were amazed at how quickly it was done, they have done an fantastic job. The repairs on the hangar have been finished too, nothing major, just a couple of leaks that were fixed. With the barn roof done, Roger can now sort out the floor as it slopes, reuse some of the old kitchen cupboards for storage and put new shelving up. He’s looking forward to having a nice dry place to tinker with his toys. But, my lovely husband has one job to do for me first, finish the kitchen :)

Barn 1

New beams in.

Barn 2

Chevrons being fixed.

Barn 3

Chevrons in place from below.

Barn 5

Volige laid.

Barn 6

Membrane on and new unders about to be laid.

Barn 7

Top layer of tiles on mixing the old with the new.

Barn 9

New interior.

Barn 10

Lovely new roof.

Barn 12

And from the end.


  1. Looks fantastic. That's another job ticked off the list... Xx

    1. Another big job done, a job we couldn't have done ourselves x

  2. Wow looking good and what fun Roger can have in there once the kitchen is finished :-) Hope all is well Diane xx

    1. He will be in heaven once it's set up as he wants it x


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