Saturday, 26 September 2015

Fig Chutney

This has to be our favourite chutney so far, and it’s also very popular with our family and friends too. The tree is laden with fruit again this year, so I decided to make a double batch, even though I said I wasn’t going to use the camping stove. The pot was a bit too full and took ages to cook down, plus running out of gas and dashing to the supermarket half way through didn’t help, but we now have 12 jars maturing ready for Christmas time. Figs can be expensive, but if you can get hold of some at a reasonable price, this chutney is well worth making.

Fig Chutney 1 Fig Chutney 2

Method Ingredients

1.5kg Chopped fresh figs.
1 kg Sugar.
3 Onions chopped.
500g Sultanas.
1 Litre red wine vinegar.
2 Teaspoons cayenne pepper.
2 Teaspoons paprika.
2 Teaspoons Ground ginger.
2 Teaspoons all spice.
2 Tablespoons sweet chilli sauce.
6 Garlic cloves, crushed.
Salt and pepper.

Put all the ingredients into a preserving pan and bring to the boil.

Turn down and simmer for around 2 hours until the chutney is thick and syrupy. 

Put into hot sterilized jars and cover.

Store for 3 months before eating. Our first few jars never lasted that long :)

Makes approx 6 jars.


  1. Take it from me, Kerry's fig chutney is delicious xx

    1. I can't take the credit as its not my recipe, but I'll definitely take the compliment. Thanks Gaynor x

  2. Fig chutney is our favourite, and I use a lot of it in cooking. This looks like a nice recipe so I shall make a note of it for next year.....this year the fig harvest was not particular good, so we let the chickens eat the figs when they dropped from the tree. Next year, though.....fig jam, fig chutney, and dehydrated figs!

  3. Because we have had a lot of apples drop this year I made fig and apple chutney for a change, will get to taste it is a couple of months. Still have som chutney though from last year, can't keep up with it!! Keep well Diane

    1. Sorry pressed publish before reading!!!! Mistakes! xx


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