Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Barn Roof

When we bought the house a year ago, we didn’t appreciate how bad the barn roof was. We could see there were a couple of leaks but nothing major, but after we moved in we realised we had a rotten beam too. It’s a lovely barn which will be Rogers workshop but due to the damp and sloping floor it wasn’t a nice place to work, so repairs needed to be done. Nothing goes to plan because when the builders arrived with their Manatou and could look in from the top, they discovered there were more rotten beams. We could have faffed around trying to repair bits here and there, but it was decided that a new roof was in order. What’s sad is the new roof beams are not as beautiful as the old, but you have to be practical and to buy old beams made to measure, you are talking about a lot of money. They are going to use some of the old oak on the ends, so some of the barn’s history will be added back in. Here is the progress so far.

Barn 1

Tile removal.

Barn 2

Original interior.

Barn 3

The best tiles kept, ready to be taken down and used for reroofing.

Barn 4

Sorting the tiles.

Barn 6

Looking down.

Barn 7

Removing the A frame.

Barn 8 Old and the new.

Barn 9

Last beam to go.

Barn 10

Rotten beam. Most of the beam ends were like this.


  1. A great set of photographs showing the progress. For what it's worth I think that you've taken the sensible course - priority to make it safe and suitable for the job, and to reuse the old where you can. xx

    1. We have made the right decision, even though losing those old beams was hard x

  2. That's a huge job - good luck! x

    1. Enormous, so glad we got Andy and his boys in. More pics to follow x

  3. Wow what a massive job, Graham says at least you have extra wood for the wood burner. Will look fab when finished, how's the kitchen ? Xxxx

    1. Roger has chopped up the rotten beams, ready for the woodburner and we've kept the best ones for a future project. The kitchen is on hold as the garden needed some TLC, after just a week away and a bit of rain the weeds have gone mad.

  4. Shame about the old beams but safety come first. Diane xx

  5. I was sad to see them go, but we had to be practical. Some of the old beams can seen in the finished article reused on the ends of the roof x


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