Monday, 28 September 2015

Back to the Kitchen

Yippee, I have an oven again and to celebrate, I’d promised Roger roast belly pork with roasties and veg, followed by a fig, apple and sultana crumble. It was bloomin lovely and as a bonus, all the fruit and veg came from our garden, well except the sultanas. We’ve had some hiccups including sloping floors and a small problem with the tape measure. We had ordered a 300 cabinet, but should have ordered a 400 cabinet as we had more space than originally thought. Sadly our kitchen supplier is closing down and isn’t taking any more orders, so we’ve ordered it in the UK and will pick it up on our next visit. Plus, our hinges are not soft close, not a disaster but something I really wanted. No problem, we’ll pop to the Bricos and pick some up. Easier said than done as only one shop sold them and at 20€ for 2 hinges, we decided to pass. Looks like we will be putting in an order with Amazon. There’s not much more we can do until the worktops and sink are fitted, so Monday Roger is starting on the hearth for the wood burner, I’m finishing painting the display shelf Roger made for me many years ago and we still have wall tiles to choose.

Kitchen 1

Cabinets going in.

Kitchen 2

The sink, worktop and the last cabinet coming out.

Kitchen 3

The wall shelf Roger made me about to be painted.

Kitchen 4

More cabinets in.

Kitchen 5

My new toy.


  1. Another step along the way. Love the cooker xx

    1. It's great to cook with and really fast, sooooo much better than the old one x

  2. Snap big sis, same cooker as me, fab isn't it ? Happy cooking, kitchen coming along great.

    Enjoy the cooking xxxx

    1. When we bought it, I didn't realise you had the same one. Good choice x

  3. Wow things are looking so different. Love the cooker as well, bet you will enjoy. It is quite an achievement and very satisfying when you can produce a home grown meal :-) Take care Diane xx

    1. I love knowing that we've grown our own fruit and veg to put on the plate. Veg pasta bake tonight x

  4. A functioning kitchen again - hurrah! :) x

    1. Not quite yet. No sink, so we are washing-up in the bathroom, no worktops and no tiles. Hopefully more will be installed by the end of the week x

  5. Your kitchen is coming along....I bet you can't wait to get it finished though. Of all the work we have had done here, it is the kitchen areas which have been the most important, plus having a decent cooker. I like your stone walls as well. Ours were cob walls through which rats made a lot of runs, so we have had to cover the walls with lime cement. It is a shame because some of our walls were lovely, but we fight a battle here with rats, so they had to be covered over.

    1. I bet those walls were lovely and so historic too, but you don't want rats running around your kitchen. Lime cement looks great too and renovating these old houses are full of compromises.

  6. Kerry... we also found the damped hinges very expensive...
    we fitted these:

    BLUM Kitchen Door Dampers:
    15 x Kitchen Door Damper Buffers Soft Close, grey.
    Damper Buffers for Kitchen Door, Cabinet Unit
    Reduce the noise when you close the doors and drawers.
    Protect your doors from slamming.
    Head: extra thick and anti-split design.
    Their blurb...

    The www link supplier doesn't deliver to France....
    but on the right, "Hardware for You" does international deliveries

    The door dampers were part of our LaPeyre kitchen and I've added more to other doors...
    dead easy to fit, too.
    NB: we found that HEAVY DOORS REQUIRE TWO!! [And long doors]

    I like your Falcon "piano"....
    may you play many a scrummy meal on it!
    We have a Smeg hob... very nice, but I had an old Falcon briefcase [not the same company!!]...
    the plaque off that covers that "smeg" word perfectly!!

    1. Thanks Tim. We have hinges coming from the UK, courtesy of a friend who works for a kitchen company. Love my piano and I've played lots of tunes on it already :)


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