Sunday, 16 August 2015

Ripping out the Kitchen

No offence to anyone with tiled worktops, but we couldn’t bare ours anymore. They were particularly bad, with blue grout and very deep gaps, so deep that I had to clean them with a dustpan and brush or the vacuum on occasions. So a few weeks ago, out they came and it was lovely to see the worktops disappear and taken to the tip. The only thing left after our ripping out session is the sink and a couple of cupboards. We also decided to sell the wood burning stove. It was lovely, but because we’ve bought a range oven and hob we didn’t need it, so we are going to buy a wood burner instead. More pics to follow as we progress.

Kitchen 1

You can just see my last batch of cookies before the oven came out.

Kitchen 2

Roger working out how to remove the tangled gas connections for the hobs.

Kitchen 3

Cupboards out to the corner.

Kitchen 4

That was heavy.

Kitchen 5

Hobs out.

Kitchen 6

Corner cupboard out and the plastering has started.


  1. Wow you have done a lot, sorry we did not get to see the update when we were sort of in your area last week, never mind we can next see the finished job next time. I know how happy you must be to get rid of the work top :-) Have a good day D & N xx

    1. It was lovely to see them go, they were just awful. Just a little bit left around the sink, but that will be gone soon x

  2. I think tiled work tops were 'of their time', and unfortunately we have them in both France and the UK which probably dates both kitchens and us!! I would like a new kitchen in the UK but as we are planning to downsize it is debatable whether it will add to the house value or not. In France I don't mind the doors but I would like worktop which isn't tiled, especially as it is harder to slosh the bleach around there (with the fosse) than it is in the UK.

    Great work so far and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished job xx

    1. I wouldn't spend the money changing the kitchen if you're going to sell. We debated this when we sold our UK home and decided just to paint the walls to brighten it up and added new blinds. The new owners ripped everything out to make it the way they wanted it, so we were glad we didn't spend thousands on a new kitchen x

    2. Gaynor... Jean's nice new wooden ones look very nice... 'cept they aren't wood!
      And Kerry is so right... save the money you would have spent creating a new kitchen...
      and spend it on the downsize, instead!
      And, LaPeyre doesn't seem to think that tiled worktops are dated....
      Bicarb does a good job when you can't use bleach...
      it leaves a slight, white residue on the grout, too!

    3. I think tiled worktops can look great if done properly, sadly ours weren't. You're right Tim, they are very popular here in France.

  3. It is so nice to see someone else renovating their home, and reminds me that we are nearly finished with doing the kitchens. It is a lovely feeling, one which I am sure you will also have when your kitchen is finished.....

    1. Thankfully only doing one kitchen Vera, not as many as you are doing. It's my oven I miss the most, so looking forward to when that's plumbed in x

  4. Looking good Kez & Roger - that's what you call team work. have you kept the Aga ? Glad the tiles have all gone, onwards and upwards big sis, but don't forget to get out in the sunshine. xxx

    1. The Deville has gone, we had loads of interest but it went to the first person that asked. Don't worry, we are still working outside too, always need a change of scenery x

  5. There’s certainly a lot of heavy work to do. And looking at the aftermath of the tile work, I imagine working while the tiles were still on was quite a handful. You just striped-off the entire kitchen, but I bet the finished room will be worth all the effort. I wish you the best of luck!

    Van Lucas @ JPC Custom Homes


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