Sunday, 23 August 2015

Courgette Fritters

Following on from my last post about grating courgettes, here is a recipe you can make with them – fritters. I didn’t use any of the grated courgettes that I’d frozen because the plants are still churning out more fresh ones. These fritters can be frozen and warmed up in the oven when you need them.
Fritters 1
Fritters 2
Fritters 3

Ingredients Method
4 Courgettes
2 Red onions, chopped
Handful of chopped chives
2 Eggs
130g Plain flour
2 Tbsp corn flour
1 Tsp baking powder
Olive oil
Salt and pepper
Grate your courgettes into a bowl, add 1tsp of salt, mix well and leave for 10 minutes. Place courgettes in a tea towel and squeeze out as much moisture as you possibly can.

In a bowl add all the other ingredients, add the squeezed courgettes and mix well.

Heat oil in a frying pan. Add spoonfuls of the mixture, push down to make a patty and fry on each side for approx 3 to 4 minutes. Drain on kitchen paper and serve.

NOTE – I made a 2nd batch, adding chilli flakes for some extra spice.


  1. Just lost a comment into the ether!
    I use courgettes in a vegetable curry and also sliced as the middle layer of a three layer lasagne. My daughter has grated them and used courgettes as spaghetti. Xx

    1. Love these ideas. Haven't had a lasagne for ages, but hopefully the oven will be in soon and I can bake one x

  2. I am glad that ours seem to have slowed up a bit but I still have plenty in the fridge! Fritters sound good. D & N xx

  3. I agree Diane....
    but Kerry, how much milk do you add?
    You haven't mentioned the milk for the batter???

    1. No milk mentioned as there's no milk in this recipe. The eggs and courgettes are enough to bind the mixture together. If it was too wet the mix would be too sloppy. Just made some with added grated carrot and parmesan, delicious.

    2. Kerry, I'll tell you what to do with these fritters...
      STUFF 'EM!!

      I stuffed them....
      Blob of fritter mix in pan....
      dollop of paté... I used Terrine de Canard last night....
      another dollop of fritter mxc on top....
      quick flip to put the wet side down....
      turn until brown!
      Half of last night's were stuffed that way....
      the other half with a cherry tomato cut in half....
      but as I was doing this I thought cheese... especially goat...
      or corned beef.... or a dollop of pickle....
      what gave me the idea was something my gran used to make...
      apple fritters stuffed with a dollop of jam.

    3. What a great idea, love the idea of the pate, will definitely be trying these.


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