Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Aigre – Boucle 33 – Ride B (23 miles) plus a Car Boot

Sunday saw the 31st brocante at Chef Boutonne in the grounds of Chateau de Javarzay. It was huge, probabaly a bit to big as it all became a blur after a while. There were a lot of dealers who were asking silly money for things, but we prefer the stalls where people are clearing out their lofts. We only bought one thing, a puzzle for our little visitors who are arriving on Friday. A couple of things caught my eye including a very well dressed telephone.

Car Boot 1
Car Boot 2

Afterwards we drove to Villefagnan for a bike ride. It was only when we got there we realised we should have gone to Aigre, we had picked up the wrong map. Never mind, it was a lovely spot to have our picnic. The countryside was beautiful, we saw the wheat being harvested with the birds of prey chasing the combine, they must have been after mice. It was a very hot day, so we took a welcome break at an auberge in Tusson. The heat must have got to me as I didn’t take photos of some of the things we saw.!!


Aigre Ride 2


  1. Hi Kerry,
    Very glad to see that age and the heat is getting to you and that it isn't only me!!
    Looks like a very nice, relaxed Sunday x

    1. It was flipping hot and we didn't take enough water with us, so the auberge was a very welcome stop for cool drinks x

  2. Love the last shot. Brocante's can definitely be to big!! Xx

    1. Sadly being a Sunday, the shop wasn't open, but it will definitely be on agenda next time we're passing x


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