Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Villefagnan – Boucle 32 – Ride B (23 miles)

The department of the Charente has over 30 well signposted circular bike rides. Usually each circular has 3 rides ranging from very easy to difficult. This doesn’t necessarily mean the ride is easy or difficult, the rating seems to be decided by the distance, but that doesn’t seem to follow either as ride B on one map can be shorter than B on another map. Oh well, the rides are always fun and you get to see things you would miss by car.

The church of Saint Maixent at Empuré is dated from the 12th century. Some parts of the church had collapsed over the years but the church is now being properly cared for and in 1914 it was given Historic Building status. The church also has many paintings from the Middle Ages on its walls.

The bread oven at Ferret hadn't been used for 55 years when it was restored and reopened in September 2011. It was covered in brambles, the roof needed replacing and the walls were re-pointed in lime. It is now in full working order and can bake bread once again for the village.

Boucle 32 Map
Boucle 32

Saint Maixent Church, Empuré

Boucle 32 1

Keen young cyclist

Boucle 32 2

Which one do I ride :)

Boucle 32 4

Old bread oven at Ferret.


  1. I would go for the rocking horse, lovely picture Roger.. 2 weeks today so excited and we will be on holiday with you two lovely people. xx.

    1. The rocking horse was so sweet. It will be here in a flash Nattie x

  2. No time for bike rides here......just a twenty minute trip on my indoor bike!

    1. You don't get to see so much though Vera :) x

  3. It is amazing the things that you see on a bike and miss in a car, Love that bread oven. Keep cycling Diane

    1. Yes, you miss a lot in the car. Our friends have a bread oven in their house and its amazing, but takes a long time to get going x


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