Saturday, 28 February 2015

L’Huile de Noix

Last Thursday we went to Huilerie Lacroix in Couhé with our neighbour Annie, to have our nuts pressed. We’ve been looking forward to this, after spending many a happy evening cracking our nuts. We guessed we had about 8 kilos of shelled nuts and we weren’t far off. 2 kilos of nuts will make 1 litre of oil, so 4 litres will be plenty for us to use. We thought we had a lot but Annie had over 20 kilos!! It was such an interesting afternoon and the owner was so informative. I will add captions to the photos to guide you through the process. We just need to let the oil settle now for 2 weeks, then it can be popped into a nice bottle and used to make delicious dressings and baking.

Walnuts 1

Nuts shelled and ready to go

Walnuts 2

Weighing in at 8.2 kilos including the bag

Walnuts 3

Crushing the nuts ready to be heated

Walnuts 4

The nuts are heated gently for around 20 minutes so the oil can be released

Walnuts 5

The heated nuts ready to be pressed

Walnuts 6

Loading the nuts into the press

Walnuts 7

Here it comes

Walnuts 8 Walnuts 9 The nuts resemble MDF when they come out of the press and can be used to make walnut flour, fertilizer and animal feed.

Walnuts 10

The finished product in a not so pretty container plus a bottle of rapeseed to try.


  1. Very interesting. I love that France is still in touch with how to process food, as in your walnuts. Enjoy your oil!

    1. Its so nice to see how food is produced. You take it for granted when you buy something from a supermarket, but you never see how its produced x

  2. I can well imagine how you were fed up with cracking your nuts, that is a lot! I am glad we went to the oil mill near us last Saturday as I understand the process much better. Take care and you can now wait until next year to start all over again:-))
    Have a good Sunday.

    1. Not sure if we'll need too. I think 4 litres will last us a long time x

  3. We hopefully will be there for the bottling. xx

  4. Looks great, very self sufficient. xxxxxx Hugs

    1. Its great to make something out of what you've grown x

  5. I get mine from a neighbour. I drink 2 teaspoons each morning; nature's medicine!

    1. Interesting, what are the health benefits? x


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