Sunday, 25 January 2015

Lounge and Hall Progress - Day 3 – Rendering and Scratching

Day 3 of our work continues. The hall wall has been “scratched” and it looks fantastic, just needs to dry out. The rendering has stayed put, so a second coat has been applied to the lounge walls. So they need to dry overnight before they get scratched. The bottom photo shows the stones drying out. Looking good.
Day 3 (2)
Day 3 (3)
Day 3 (4)
Day 3 (5)
Day 3 (6)
Day 3 (1)


  1. Your newly rubbed down staircase looks like it is going to have to be seen to again after all this work! The walls though are looking fabulous, you must be very happy with the workmanship. Keep warm Diane xx

    1. Thankfully it all comes off easily with water. The walls look great and will be much better when everything is fully dried x

  2. Not sure what 'scratching' entails but I do like the effect, so much so that I have asked Lester to ask our builder if he knows anything about scratching because the next room to get sorted out is the dining room. Your place does look really nice!

    1. I'd never heard of it either. It's a technique used for rendering using a float with spikes on. Not sure what the proper name is but you can buy them in any DIY store. It's not the finish I had in my head, but I let them do it their way and it looks great. Nice and rustic. I will post more photos when it's dried out x


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