Thursday, 22 January 2015

Lounge and Hall Progress - Day 1 - Pointing

Yippee, our pointing has been done. It was amazing to see how the pointing has transformed the rooms and it’s not finished yet. It was all done by hand in the traditional French way using Chaux Blanche and sand, left to dry slightly, then brushed off. In the 4th photo down, you can see the stones coming through after they were brushed. Now we leave it to dry out thoroughly, and then we will be able to see the full beauty of the stones. Another mucky job as you can see, but it’s not us making the mess this time. Thursday is rendering day.

Day 1 (1)
Day 1 (4)
Day 1 (8)
Day 1 (10)
Day 1 (11)
Day 1 (13)
Day 1 (16)


  1. Wow you must be so pleased to see this result. When you come back from your break it should have dried nicely. You will be so glad to have a lounge in use. The hall is also looking good. Take care D & N xx

    1. It's amazing Diane, how different the rooms look. Just need to be patient now and let everything dry out x

  2. Thank goodness it is progressing, and will look great when it has dried out. You can go away and enjoy yourself, knowing that the worst is nearly over. xx

    1. This is definitely the last of the horrible jobs and we're so glad we got good people in to do it. Floors need tiling when we get back, but that's a nice job x


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