Saturday, 13 December 2014

Making Mince Pies

Yesterday, myself and group of lovely ladies made zillions of mince pies, to sell at Lezay market today. Zillions is probably an exaggeration, but we must have made over 500. Last year 200 were made and they sold in a flash, so more were needed this year. We made everything by hand, apart from the mince and had a great production line going. A lovely lunch was provided of wine, soup, cheese and fruit to keep us going. The French love mince pies, which surprised me, and as you can’t buy them in the supermarket, it’s a great way of selling traditional English Christmas fare to them. I’ll let you know tomorrow how we got on.

Mince Pies (1)
Mince Pies (2)
Mince Pies (6)
Mince Pies (13)
Mince Pies (14)


  1. What busy ladies you have been, best of luck at your market, enjoy.x

  2. Wow busy ladies. As if you have not enough to do!!!! Take care Diane and Nigel. xx

    1. I really enjoyed helping and it was a lovely change from dusty DIY xx

  3. Replies
    1. I'm not a mince pie fan but they were yummy. Any that had to be coerced out of the tin, had to be eaten of course :) x


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