Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Christmas Market and a walk around St Romans les Melle

Well our first Christmas market was frankly, very disappointing. Roger described it as thin on the ground. There were games for the children, some crafts and a few foodie bits, but nothing that made me feel really Christmassy. There are some more to visit next weekend, so hopefully they will be better.

After the market we took a lovely walk around St Romans les Melle. Very short, just under 2 miles but lots to see. The church, which dates from the 12th century with a square tower being added in the 15th century. It dominates the village and is set in a valley which overlooks the square. St Romans also has 3 lavoirs and a lovely village centre with a tabac/bar and restaurant. We came across a pretty bridge called Pont Romain over the River Béronne. Beautiful spot, perfect for a picnic, but it was too cold for that today.

L'eglise St Romans
St Romans
Lavoir St Romans


  1. You had a very busy day, pity the market was not very exciting, but the walk looks lovely. It would be lovely in the spring, with the sun out, and not having to wear wooly hats and gloves. xx

    1. It would be a lovely walk with the sun out, roll on sunshine xx

  2. I was thinking of trying the Christmas market on Friday evening at Les Pins but I will see what the weather is like. Love these photos, Roger looks nice and warm :-) It was good catching up with the news today, keep well and keep up the good work. D & N

    1. Hope you enjoy your market today. We are going to Lezay tomorrow, fingers crossed it will be better. Have a good weekend x


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