Saturday, 27 September 2014

Some Frustrations

We’ve had a week where a few niggly things have gone wrong. Roger ran over a piece of metal by the back gate and damaged something to do with the blade. Another part ordered and fitted.

Mower My filling fell out, so I’ve got a trip to the dentist next week!! Right at the front so not attractive.

With excitement, we were due to have the sandblasting done this weekend on the lounge and hall walls, but on Friday night we found out the shop had let us down with the compressor. Oh well, not a problem, we had work to do on the broken beam in the barn. Mr Builder arrived with scaffolding and acrows this morning but on closer inspection found that the new plates that will hold it in place were too short. So off they went to get new ones, only to find fermé exceptionnel. Apparently there was a lot of swearing in the van as Mr Builder thought he’d let us down. Roll on next weekend and fingers crossed both jobs will get started and finished.

Beam On a plus, we picked the last of the apples which were turned into compot and another crumble. Did loads in the garden. On Wednesday we went on a lovely 5 mile walk and met a lovely couple who kidnapped us (her words) for a cup of tea. Arrived at 4 and got home gone midnight.



  1. A mixed bag. C'est la vie Francaise! ;o)

    1. Thats what Mr Builder said - Welcome to France!! x

  2. Ooops you can do without weeks like that. Glad though that you met some new friends. Hope all goes well this weekend and you can get everything fixed. Hope your dentist is better than the first one I tried here!!! We now have a great dentist and closer as well. Take care both of you D & N xx

  3. I can feel your frustration! My fingers are crossed it all gets sorted for you quickly x


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