Monday, 1 September 2014

Riders and Walkers

The 5th stage of the Tour de Poitou Charente came very close to our hamlet on Friday, so we went along to watch. The tour started in 1987 and Mark Cavendish won this years stages 1 and 2. There were more police, publicity cars, photographers and security than riders and they went past in a flash. You definitely see more on TV!!

PC Bike Ride (2)
PC Bike Ride

On Sunday we went on a 4 mile walk to help raise money for Cancer Research Deux Sevres in and around Clussais-la-Pommeraie. There were quite a few things going on that day in the area, so the turnout wasn’t as good as they’d hoped, but we still had a good time. We had a picnic afterwards plus there was a little show put on by the Pommeraie Players featuring their version of Stomp.

Cancer Walk
Cancer Walk 2

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  1. I agree you do see more on TV! The Tour de France, (after waiting for ages), goes past almost faster than you can take a photo!! The time trial is not so bad which we watched near Angouleme a few years back. Good to hear that Mark is back on his bike again after the nasty fall earlier in the year. Take care Diane xx


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