Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Lunch at La Grange aux Oies

What a beautiful setting for a fantastic meal – lunch at a chateau. We were invited by our friends Diane and Nigel to lunch at La Grange aux Oies which is set in the grounds of Le Château de Nieuil. We arrived at the Chateau at 12.30 and didn’t leave until 4pm. The French know how to do a leisurely lunch. We had aperitifs and amuse bouche on the terrace then went inside for the main courses. Then sweet treats, coffee and tea were served on the terrace again. It was only after we arrived, that we found out it had been Diane and Nigel's anniversary just a few days before. Congratulations to you both. Here are some tasters – literally.
Chateau 4
Chateau 7
Chateau 5
Chateau 9
Chateau 6
Chateau 3
Chateau 8
Chateau 2


  1. Thanks for the good wishes :-)) Glad that you enjoyed the day out D & N xx

  2. Lovely setting & lovely meal. What a fab day for you all :) x

  3. Makes my Ham and Tomato look very meagre. What a gorgeous setting, and rather lovely food. So glad that you had a lovely time. x

  4. The chateau is beautiful and the meal look delicious. Fitting for a special celebration for Diane and Nigel.

  5. Thank you all for your lovely comments. The food was fantastic with lovely company, aperitifs, wine, tea and coffee included. Fantastic for a treat x


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