Sunday, 21 September 2014

Lac du Lambon Bike Ride (15.5 miles)

We got some bike maps (VTT – all terrain) from the tourist office in and around the Lac du Lambon. Would you like easy or medium? he asked, we’ll take both, we said. The easy ride was only 4 miles so we went for a medium. We thought the medium wouldn't be a problem, how hard could it be, just a few hills to navigate. How wrong we were, it was flippin hard!! and right from the start to. Wet slippery stones going up and the same coming down. Roger is happy to give most things a go, but even he made us turn around and find an alternative route. Some of the off road tracks were OK but it was a pleasure to be back on the little lanes. The camera didn’t come out much, but here’s a couple of the lake. Great place for swimming, walks and picnics.
Lambon Lambon 2


  1. Sounds like a tough ride. Our road bikes would have not got there. Diane xx

    1. My bike wasn't happy and nor were my legs!! x


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