Thursday, 18 September 2014

Figs Galore

It’s not only us that like the figs, but it seems that the wasps, butterflies, bees and flies like them too. We are determined to grab as many as we can before they do. So far we’ve harvested enough to make 7 jars of fig chutney, 5 jars of fig jam, we’ve frozen just under 10lb of whole figs, made crumble, fig crumble bars and given some to our neighbour. There’s still loads ripening, so if anyone has any figgy ideas, please let us know.
Fig Bars


  1. How about figs with Parma Ham (A La Jaime) for your lunch, served with crunchy bread, Or you could try drying them very slowly in the oven, and they will keep for 6 months. and Rog can nibble at his leisure. x

  2. Done the Parma ham, but I picked another 5 kilos today. Not sure we can eat that many for lunch :) x

  3. I did some research on the net, Have you thought of making Fig Honey, you can use as honey or in place of sugar and it keeps for years, or so it says.x 20Killos of figs makes 1 Litre of honey.

  4. Yes the wasps love them!!! I have taken the easy way out and the quickest! Most of ours just went straight into alcohol though I think I have made another 10 jars of jam as well!!! Diane xx

    1. Sounds good to me. Looked at tree again yesterday and there are still loads. More cooking required x


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