Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Bacon and Cheddar

Peter and Sue came for lunch on Sunday bearing gifts. Not only did they bring Champagne and plants for the garden but bacon and cheddar too. They had thought – if they lived in France, what would they miss the most? They decided it would be bacon and cheddar. We’ve had bacon here but we haven’t had a nibble of cheddar since we left England, so we are going to enjoy and savour every morsel.

Bacon and Cheese The weather was fantastic, so we enjoyed a leisurely lunch outside then went for a walk around the hamlet. While the men talked mowers, strimmers and oil-fired boilers, Sue helped me identify some plants around the garden, which turned out to be weeds and poisonous too!!

7th Sept 14


  1. What a lovely thought, France has lovely cheeses, but you cannot beat a good strong cheddar, So glad that you had a nice day. x

  2. Yes we also miss cheddar cheese, I have seen it in the shops (at a price), but not recently I have to admit, also I have not really done a hunt for it. Nigel has just made a bacon lined pork pate :-)))) I am going to have to watch the scales now I have let him loose in the kitchen! Diane


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