Monday, 25 August 2014

Sompt to Tillou circular walk (4 miles)

We took a lovely walk on Sunday, taking in the beautiful scenery and the lavoirs, even though we did it the opposite way round from the map!! Tillou had 6 mills at one time, 3 wind and 3 water powered. The little streets and alleys gave easy access to the mills where the villagers produced their flour. Each person ate 1kg of bread per day, now the average is about 150 grams. That’s a lot of bread! We found a play park and picnic area right by the river near the end of the walk, that would be perfect for little visitors to play in.
We took some pots with us to collect blackberries and got enough to make bramble jelly.
Tillou Lavoir
Tillou Lavoir (2)
Tillou Church


  1. The Photo's are lovely, and a picnic by the river sounds really nice. xx

  2. Ooops missed this post. Looks like a nice walk and the lavoir is excellent. Interesting map, where did you find it ? Take care Diane xx


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