Thursday, 14 August 2014

Lounge Wall

My Mum has been asking why Roger has been banging a hole in the wall. I suppose banging a hole in the wall is not strictly accurate, more like chipping the cement out between the stones. At some point in the past the pointing had been done with cement instead of lime and then covered with paint. While we are waiting for the sand blasting to be done, hopefully at the end of September, Roger thought he’d start chipping away. It’s going to be a long job but it will be worth it in the end. He says his arms are hanging already. Not a job to be done every day.

I haven’t been idle though, I’ve been painting the cladding in the downstairs loo to brighten it up a bit. It was so dark and gloomy. It’s a lot more cheerful now. Lounge Wall


  1. That all makes sense now, and when its done it will look great. xx

  2. Looking good. All at pilates say hi to Roger and they are missing his humour. Rachel still can't find her computer lead.

  3. Hmmm hard work, is he not using a drill? Most people seem to drill out the plaster that I have seen with quite a hefty drill. Looking forward to seeing the final results. D & N xx


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