Thursday, 7 August 2014

If you can’t find one – make one!

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I really fancied a larder for the kitchen, but to buy a new one was very expensive or if buying second hand they sell so quickly. So I had a brainwave – buy a wardrobe and convert it. So that’s what I did. I bid on this lovely wardrobe from Ebay and got it for £100. The problem was it had been heavily waxed in only what can be described as orange. Yes I know the walls are orange, but they will be painted soon.  After loads of sand papering (no point having nice nails!!) it’s true colour was revealed and you can see the difference in the top two photos above. I was going to clear wax it just to finish it off, but I liked it as it was, nice and rustic. Roger made some shelves for me which I waxed in a light brown, just to tone down the whiteness of the new wood. It’s perfect and I love it, everything fits in with plenty of room to spare for more French goodies, and I haven’t even used the drawer yet.

Just needs new knobs :)


  1. We absolutely love it. I even liked the before, not the colour but the wardrobe. You have worked so hard, but worth every nail involved. Shez would have said "get a little man in".

  2. Well that looks super duper, talk about self sufficiency, taken to the next level.
    Happy weeks anniversary in your lovely house.

    Are you all settled ?

    Love & Hugs
    Nattie & Graham

  3. Well done Kerry, you have done a great job. Keep well D & N

  4. What a great idea & really fantastic result :)
    I would have said 'get a little man in' but you have Roger as your glamorous assistant already! x


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