Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Chopping, Dicing and Peeling.

It’s been a bit of a cottage industry here in our kitchen. The preserving pan came out of retirement and there’s been lots of chopping, dicing and peeling plus a very sore thumb at the end of it all. But, we’ve ended up with 23 jars of jams, jellies and chutneys. There was a lot of deliberation about what kind of fruity plum tree we had. Maybe greengages, maybe Mirabelles?? Our fruits were more on the green/yellow side and Mirabelles are yellow. But after seeing the differences in the supermarket and help from Diane, we definitely have a Mirabelle tree. Our Mirabelle harvest has given us Mirabelle jelly, Mirabelle jam and Mirabelle chutney. Plus we have Bramble jelly from our walk on Sunday, Apple, tomato and onion chutney and Storecupboard chutney from our apple trees. We’ve also frozen apples and blackberries for future puddings.

If anyone counts the jars, there’s one missing. It’s a jar of Mirabelle jelly that’s in the fridge and it’s nearly all gone. Yum!




  1. Wonderful! My seven jars of jam and six of chutney look like small pickings, in comparison to your store cupboard.


  2. Looks great Kerry, but if you are going to eat it that quickly, you had better make some more. xx

  3. Just wrote a long comment that has gone AWOL!!! This has happened to me a few times just recently on various blogs.

    Wow you have gone to a lot of effort with labels and tops, I am not that energetic! You have done well and that looks like a good book that you have there. I have not counted, but there must be at least 10 jars of pasta sauce using up tomatoes, cucumber relish probably 4 or 5. Earlier bottling of cherries in alcohol which I seem to think we finished the other day (!) and cherry jam. Now of course, plum jam (about 10) and plum sauce (about 5). Also a few jars of plums in rum :-) Blackberries I cannot eat, the pips are a problem and the same goes for raspberries. Nigel though had made well over a dozen double servings of raspberry coulis which I can enjoy.
    Looking forward to Sunday, take care Diane xx

  4. Those jars would look nice arranged in your pretty basket...yummy! x

  5. Basket looks great despite the jars being a bit big. Like the raffia underneath :) x


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