Monday, 11 August 2014

Brocante and Vide Grenier at Sauzé-Vaussais

On Sunday we popped up the road to Sauzé-Vaussais to take a peek at the brocante and vide-grenier. A brocante is a second-hand sale and a vide grenier is like our car boot sales, but the translation is an attic sale. There were over 200 stalls selling all manner of stuff, clothes, books, kitchen wares, furniture, tools, toys, bric-a-brac etc etc. But we were on the look out for knobs for my larder, Pineau glasses for Roger and an enamel bread bin. We didn’t find any of those things but I did spend 1 whole euro on a basket with cute sunflowers on the side. Here are few of the things that caught our eye – clogs, Rogers always like them but they look so uncomfortable to me, pretty dolls ready to be hugged, look at that amazing pram and rillettes bowls.



  1. Our French neighbour says all the things at a brocantes are generally only worth taking to the dechetterie LOL. There are some good buys though occasionally. You could always plant some small flowers in the clogs, I agree they look a bit hard to walk in! Hope all is well, have a good week, à bientôt. Diane and Nigel

  2. I prefer the stalls where someone is genuinely selling off surplus items. I avoid the 'dealers'.

    I like to have an item in mind that I look for. Currently it is the bowl shaped champagne glasses. I don't know how good they are for champagne ( or our usual Touraine sparkles) but they feel nice. So far I have just two of the ones I'm collecting, but the fun is in the search.

    I like your sunflower basket.

  3. Love the basket, but then we have always loved sunflowers, are you going to use it for bread or fruit?x

  4. Lovely Basket, you should collect heart shaped potatoes in it. xxxx

  5. Alternative suggestions for your pretty basket: Rolled & tied napkins, pretty toiletries, herb & spice jars, home made pot pourri from your garden - dried fruit slices, herb sprigs, etc xx


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