Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Moving – Part 1

After living just outside Chichester for 24 years and 1 day we are on the move – well half of our stuff is on it’s way. After weeks of boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape our fantastic removers have crammed as much as they can into the van and are making their way to the tunnel.

DSC02894 DSC02896

We will meet up with them tomorrow in France. Our house looks very odd with half of our furniture and processions missing and lots of memories have been packed into that van. I’m not feeling too emotional yet, but I’m sure I will be when the rest goes and we say goodbye properly at the end of July. Might have to get a box of tissues ready. It’s going to take 2 trips to get all our chattels over. We had thought about one big lorry but the lane to the house is very narrow and there’s a tight turning circle into the drive. If all goes to plan, our internet will have been switched on for our arrival, just have to collect the router from a local shop, so I can keep you updated. If you don’t hear from me, it hasn’t. Hopefully, see you in France.

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  1. So pleased all went well. Your movers were great, hope the second move goes as well. Bon Courage. D & N xx


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