Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Back home again.

We are back home in England to finish packing the last of our stuff ready for Saturday morning. On Monday we move to Donnington, just outside Chichester with our son and his girlfriend. They will be living in the house and we’ll be squatters for 3 nights!! Then on Thursday we move to France for good.

We have lots of these pretty purple shrubs in the garden and I think it’s Lilac. If it isn’t please let me know :)

Update - Thank you to Diane, Lyn and my mum who have corrected me with regards to my plant - I have been told it's Buddleia which attract butterflies.


  1. It's a Buddleia Kerry. Very much like a Lilac, but better. They flower longer than a Lilac and grow very big very quickly. They throw seeds around so you may well see them come up in different place. The also attract butterflies. Die off in the winter but come back every spring and flower between June and October.

  2. Beautiful buddleia, Something I should get in the garden to attract the butterflies so I can take more photos :-) Glad you got home safely and have a safe drive HOME on Thursday. Take care D & N xx


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